Some people are truly fucked up

I have to accept all of the comments on youtube, so I end up reading them all. I can’t seem to understand how that many people can have so extremely much negative things to say to me. It’s unbelieveable! I don’t really take it personally, but it suddenly hit me how many fucked up people there are in this world, it actually shocks me. 

What makes people fall in to such a dark place? What makes them say all those terrible things to me? I really don’t get it. Are they jealous, because they know that they wouldn’t handle it? Does it make them feel small, because they are hitting their kids themselves? 

They all try to make me feel bad about being a patient and loving mother. And that just have to mean one thing – they know they are terrible parents themselves, and tries to justify their own actions by insulting my patience and the love for my children. And for those who doens’t have kids – they know they will be, at some point. 

I just have one thing to say to them; I go to bed with a clean consciousness every night – you can’t make me feel bad. Just fuck the hell off. 

16 thoughts on “Some people are truly fucked up

  1. I am so sorry for all the negativ comments you got. There will always be such people wherever you go. Specially when they use internet. They would not say it face to face.

    Please ignore them! Dont give them the power to put you down.

    I have 4 children. And it is verry hard to put them to bed. I totally understand you.

    You are an amzing mum. Just countinue to be that and fuck the rest.

    All the best///annica


  2. You’re a great mother. Your patientce and love to your kids encouraged me to think about my own behavior to my kids. Sometimes my boys drive me crazy but it’s not a reason to be angry at them. Thank you for inspiring me to be better!


  3. You go girl! Tell them! You are a wonderful mother, and anyone who claims otherwise is either seeing things incorrectly, or a negative _ _ _ _ _.


  4. I just saw your video and laughed 🙂 I was very impressed with your patience and calmness. Keep it up, you’re doing a great job 🙂


  5. It’s a very funny and “reel life with kids”-movie. I just LOVE it….
    I totally agree with your conclusion on this negative people.
    Good luck…


  6. Dear Mum. 🙂 Big applaus for your incredible patience. Because that is what this video shows. I think the boys see this as a game to start with, but just like you they eventually are gonna get bored and tired and give in. There is nothing wrong with you or your little experiment. Lots of love from me.♥♥♥ Mother of Steffi 22, Dres 17, Lara 8 and Vega 5. = alot of times from the livingroom to a childrenroom and back again. 🙂


  7. Du er en fantastisk tålmodig mor. Jeg har selv tvillinger, der lige er blevet tre år. Det er altså noget anderledes at opdrage tvillinger end singeltons. (Mine tvillinger har også en storebror og en lillesøster.) Det sammenspil og sammenhold, der er mellem tvillinger kan udfordre selv den mest tålmodige forælder. Tumbs up til dig. Du gør det virkelig godt.


  8. I loved the movie it was very fun and cute, I’m not a parent and I don’t have anything to do with kids but I think you did great from my point of view :), you looked like a gentle and caring mother, and honestly as a kid who can want anything more?



  9. Også et stort bifald herfra! Du har en engels tålmodighed og det er den helt rigtige metode. Holder du ved får du nogle fredeligt sovende tvillinger i læbet af 8-10 dage. Super mor, vær stolt af dig selv!
    Knus en bedstemor som kun har barnebarnet til låns, heldigvis ggg. Jeg har nemlig trådt tæppet tyndt 1000 gange.


  10. Jeg så din video på danske TV2’s side, og ventede tålmodigt på at du skulle gøre noget negativt (der stod jo tydeligt at du havde modtaget alle de her negative kommentarer, så selvfølgelig måtte du da gøre noget negativt) – men det skete aldrig. Du lader derimod kun til at være en mor med overskud og vilje til at ville dine børn det bedste. I dag dømmer folk mennesker de ikke kender på sekunder, hænger dem ud og sviner dem til ofte på andres opfordring. Det skræmmer mig fordi at vi alle kan blive ofre for det, det er ikke forbeholdt de få der faktisk rent objektivt gør noget forkert. Derfor skulle du også lige have min støtte i denne til tider skøre verden. Alt det bedste til dig og dine drenge! 🙂

    Mange hilsner fra Mathildes mor i Danmark.

    P.s. En enkelt 2-årig herhjemme er rigeligt til at køre os to trætte 😉


  11. All of these people, who have anything negative to say to you based on that wonderful video are idiots, and should be ignore.

    I just imagine that must be difficult when there are so many of them. 😦

    Keep it up – you’re doing better than most of us. 🙂 🙂


  12. Jeg synes du klarede det så fint i den video. Jeg er selv mor tvillinge drenge på 2 år, og jeg ville have gjort nøjagtig det samme. Så du har min støtte fra en tvillinge mor til en anden 🙂 kærlighed og tålmodighed skal der til 🙂


  13. I watched your video and it was hilarious!!! Your boys are gorgeous and I have no doubt that you are an amazing mum. Don’t read the negative crap people have written to you. Keep loving your life with your beautiful boys and thanks for sharing. I’m a mum with a little boy who didn’t sleep through the night for the first 6 month. I needed this laugh!!


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